Introduce the First Egyptian Astronaut Candidate “Akram Amin Abdellatif”

We ate are proud to bring on board Akram¬†Abdullatif as part of our become an astronaut series. ¬†Below is his first blog entry on…. and here he is….

I would like to share my story about pursuing a dream which I had for more than 20 years. I always imagined my self that some day I will fly into space as fast as possible. I did not know how or where to start. But before I begin describing my journey from a young boy living in Cairo to actually training for a space mission, let me define the content and direction of the blog:

– I will use words, sketches, images and videos in order to efficiently describe each step in training and space missions

– I will clarify technical details in a simple way so you don’t need to have a certain background to follow the blog

– you can contact me [] if you have any question in the blog content