NASA Orion Spacecraft

December 4, 2014 | Kennedy Space Center

Get ready to see history in the making, the biggest and most advanced spacecraft yet.  The Orion spacecraft will lead the way for NASA future exploration that will lead manned shuttles to Mars.  Watch it live here on and join in the fun from the Kennedy Space Centre.

Orion Spacecraft Facts
Diameter                                                    5 meters
Pressurised Volume                             20 cubic meters
Habitable Volume                                  11 cubic meters
Total Propulsive Capability                1,738 meters per second
Service Module Engine Thrust           33,362 Newton’s
Lunar Return Payload                          100 kilograms
Dry Mass                                                     14,045 kilograms
Propellant Mass                                        9,350 kilograms
Landing Weight                                         7,337 kilograms
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