International Space Station crew members of the US segment were evacuated earlier today from their section after an ammonia leak alert caught the attention of crew members. NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston worked alongside the Russian Space Agency to facilitate the safety of the US crew by moving them to the Russian segment of the ISS.

As the alarms at the ISS rang out, the US crew members were required to put on special breathing equipment and were quickly evacuated to the Russian segment while NASA experts at the control center worked on turning off non-essential equipment. After a few minutes of diagnostics which were run by the engineers in Houston, the crew were quickly given an all clear to head back.

It had turned out that a computer problem had created a false alert of leaking ammonia coolant which is used to cool electronics. A tweet from Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti confirmed that both crews were doing fine and that the alert was a false alarm due to a technical glitch.