While we can all dream that someday we do get a chance to to get2space or even another planet in fact, NASA has launched an initiative for the public to send their names to Mars. NASA is allowing the public to sign up at http://go.usa.gov/vcpz and submit their names to obtain a virtual boarding pass for the Orion space program and have their names embedding on a chip in the spacecraft itself.

How does it work ? Your name begins its journey on a dime-sized microchip when the first Orion spacecraft launches Dec. 4 2014 on its first flight, designated Exploration Flight Test-1. The space craft will carry out  a 4.5 hour, two-orbit mission around Earth to test Orion’s systems, the spacecraft will travel back through the atmosphere at speeds approaching 20,000 mph and temperatures near 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.

The journey for your name doesn’t end there, as promised by NASA, after returning to Earth, the names will fly on future NASA exploration flights and missions to Mars. With each flight, selected individuals will accrue more miles as members of a global space-faring society.

There is a deadline though to get your name on the Orion Space Program and it is Friday Oct. 31 2014 . After that the public will have an opportunity to keep submitting names beyond Oct. 31 but they will be included on future test flights and future NASA missions to Mars. So click on the link above to get the opportunity of a life time and have your name on-board the most iconic space launch of the decade.

Image Source : NASA