Zero gravity makes even the simplest things in life tough and hygiene is one of them. As a basic human need hygiene is the number one priority for Astronauts in space and it can only be done in a very limited number of ways. The toilets and showers in the International Space Station are nothing like the ones we have back home and there is no such thing as running hot water either. So how do Astronauts manage to keep themselves clean ?

Bob Springer explains that keeping yourself clean is an everyday activity, the fact that Astronauts must keep a strict exercise regime makes it even more important. Since your bodily functions don’t change in space, you will still sweat in space just like you would on earth and what you would usually do after that is take a nice shower but in space thats impossible. Zero gravity makes taking a proper shower close to impossible so the only way to cleanse yourself after that workout is a sponge bath. Astronauts have to wet a sponge and clean themselves and do not get to enjoy the perks of a hot shower. Most space missions carry a large amount of moist towelettes which provide an instant way for Astronauts to wash their faces and clean themselves, in some cases they do wet special fabric with water and rinseless shampoo which is the closest they can get to a shower.