The much awaited SpaceX launch set for Sunday was delayed just 3 minutes before launch due to problems with a U.S. Air Force ground radar tracking system. The launch which was taking place at Cape Canaveral was all set when engineers ran into problems with ground radar tracking which is a crucial part of its flight range safety.

The Falcon 9 rocket is set to be one of the most innovative rockets which was engineered by Elon Musks SpaceX engineers. The rocket is set to be one of the first reusable rockets for space travel in the world, and for that to happen it will have to successful do an upright landing, completely automated on a special landing pad. The Falcon 9 had an unsuccessful attempt at landing on the 10th of January this year but Elon Musk is determined that this time around it will go as planned.

The next chance to launch the satellite, and attempt an ambitious Falcon 9 rocket landing test, will be on Monday (Feb. 9) if the radar issue can be fixed in time. Liftoff would occur at 6:07 p.m. EST (2307 GMT).

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